What are the input and Output Devices of Computer System with Examples


Hey guys, in today’s blog we’ll discuss “Explain input and output devices of a computer system”.

A computer is nothing if it is not communicating with the external world. Thus, this is very important to the computer is that it must have a system to receive information from the outside world and to be able to communicate with the results. The computer consists of INPUT and OUTPUT devices which are also known as I/O devices. I/O device is a piece of a hardware device, which is used by humans to communicate with the computer.

Now, let’s start with the input devices

1. INPUT Devices

Input devices are those devices that are used to input the program and data in the computer system are known as input devices. In simple words, An input device sends information to the computer system for the purpose of processing. For example, you can type in data by using a keyboard, or you can input data in picture form by using a scanner on a computer system.

Here are a list of input devices:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Joystick
  • Trackball
  • Scanner

a). Keyboard

This is the most common input device used for entering data and information into the computer system. A keyboard is the primary device for inputting the input text which is given in a keyboard in alphabetical and numeric keys.

There is some keyboard which is classified into two types: “General Purpose Keyboard” and “Specific Purpurpose Keyboard”. In general-purpose keyboards, they have enough keys to make them useful for any type of application. On the other hand, the specific purpose keyboard contains some extra command keys and function keys. It also contains a total of 101 to 104 keys.

b). Mouse

A mouse is also known as a pointing device which is handy and can be moved on a smooth surface to cause the surface of a cursor on the screen. It is used to input the data and information into the computer by pointing at the screen of the monitor

Examples: Mechanical mouse, Optical mouse, Cordless mouse, Laser mouse, USB mice, etc.

c). Joystick

A joystick is a remote control device that is used for playing games to indicate the position on the screen. It has a stick that pivots on a base which is useful to control the moves in a game. A joystick is used for controlling machines, industrial robots, trucks, cranes, etc.

Examples: Digital Joystick, Analogue Joystick, etc., and many other types of joysticks.

d). Trackball

It is also a pointing device in which the trackball is a movable ball mounted in a stationary device, Which can be easily rotated by fingers. This is the ball that is placed on the top along with buttons that can be rolled with the fingers. It is mostly used on laptops instead of mouse.

e). Scanner

A scanner is an electronic device which is used for scanning the printed documents, images, etc. This device transforms the scanned document into a digital file format. The scanner is mostly used for the purpose of high resolution and color of the digitally scanned document.

Examples: Drum Scanner, Microfilm Scanner, Slide scanners, etc.

2. OUTPUT Devices

Output devices are those devices that display the result of input data after processing the raw data known as an output device. An example are computer’s monitor, the monitor displays all the programs that are running on the computer as well as the printer.

Here is a list of output devices:

  • Monitor
  • Printer
  • Speaker
  • projector

a) Monitor

The monitor is one of the most popular output devices in a computer system. The main work of the monitor is to display the information to the user. It is also known as a video display terminal (VDT) or a video display unit (VDU).

There are different types of monitors: CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) Monitor, LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) Monitor, LED(Liquid Crystal Display) Monitor, etc.

b) Printer

This is an output device that is used for producing output on paper. A printer can print both text and images. In the printer, all the data are sent from the computer to the printer, then the printer prints the data that I send through the computer.

There are two types of printers inkjet and laser printer.

c) Speaker

Speakers are also popular output devices in which the speaker receives audio input from the computer and produces the Output result in the form of sound waves.

There are different types of speakers such as Multimedia speakers, Home Theatre, Soundbar, etc.

d) Projector

A projector is an optical device that takes image data from the computer system and reproduces the image onto another surface like walls, White screen large surface area, etc. This is mostly used in the cinema hall to provide us with a better experience of watching.

There are different types of projector Electric Projector Screen, Home theatre projector, Portable projector, etc.

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