10 Limitations Of Computers System|And its Capabilities?

In our world, nothing is perfect including the technologies that we are using in our daily lives to make our life easier but sometimes these technologies become dangerous for us. If I talk about dangerous things like AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is good for making automatic things but it can be dangerous if AI gets corrupted or something. This of course applies to computer system

Well, this blog is about for limitations of computer systems we will discuss AI in another blog.

As I said there is no such thing in this world which has only positive sides but also has negative sides. We all are well aware of the computer system how and why it is useful for us, so it is a positive side that we all know because we have already experienced it by using it. But it also has a negative side known as limitations. Most people are not aware of this. So now let us see how many types of limitations are there in a computer system….


The computer can easily beat humans in terms of speed, accuracy, and management of memory, but still computer has many limitations.

Here, are some limitations:

1. Computers are programmed by Humans

Computers are programmed by human beings like Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in which the machines are programmed to think like humans and their actions. The computer only follows that instruction which is programmed by humans. If those instructions are not accurate then the working of the computer will not be accurate.

This is the main limitation of a computer.

2. Computers are dependent on humans

As it is just a machine that is invented by human beings. If the computer wants to do something like processing things that time it can not be able to do its own. Humans are required to provide some instruction so that the computer can perform the operations for humans.

Likewise, if a user wants to play the game then he needs to provide the instruction in the computer. otherwise, the computer can not do it.

3. No Emotions and No Feeling

Computers are emotionless. They do not have any emotions or feelings. A computer cannot understand what humans are thinking and feeling. It’s just a machine where it works when humans give the instruction to them, and it can not compete the humans in relation but it can compete in terms of speed, accuracy, etc. only.


A computer does not carry out any tasks on its own and can’t take any decision on its own like humans, Computer will only work when humans give instructions or programs, it only depends on it.

We all know that computers are faster than humans in terms of speed, giving accurate results, and more brilliant than humans but they cannot replace humans. It is just a machine that is invented by humans and there is no technology still invented for computers so that it can feel or something like that.


Computers are not smart in any way and they cannot think themselves. The concept of AI means Artificial Intelligence shows that the computer actually thinks but still this concept works on the dependent of the sets of instruction and program which is done by human beings.


A computer can not care for itself like a human and they have no sense to do it on their own. For the computer, there is only one God named “humans”. Computer is nothing without humans and they are only dependent on humans for the purpose of instruction.

7. Lack of Decision Making

As it is a machine it cannot be able to make any decisions for itself. Making any decisions requires a difficult process like knowledge, information, wisdom, intelligence like things, etc. which the computer can’t able to do on its own.


Retrieval of memory means it remembers all the information which are stored in memory. Computers can retrieve data very fast but this technique is linear. An average human being’s mind does not follow this rule because humans almost forget data in their mind which is not useful. A human mind can think randomly which a computer machine can not.

In simple words, the computer does those tasks which humans normally cannot do. On the other hand, computers cannot do those tasks humans normally can.

9. Dependency on power/electricity

The computer requires electricity to run. without it, it can’t be able to perform any operation or task. In a computer, the CPU requires a power supply for processing the data for execution. This is a drawback of the computer it relies on electricity.

10. Not able to express ideas

A computer can’t be able to express any ideas. As we all know ideas are a very important thing to create something new like inventions., new things, etc. It is just a system for performing operations for users.

11. Not able to learn new things

Computers are totally dumb machines. when it comes to learning things it can not able to learn. But if I talk about AI (Artificial intelligence) it can learn from humans whatever they provide to AI it can learn anything within a second, But the computer is different it’s not an AI it’s just a machine that is made with some different hardware.

When someone provides instructions to the computer then it can able to perform its operation but it can not able to learn any tasks which are provided by the user.

so I’ve told you about so many limitations of computer systems. Now, it is time to see how much computers are capable of:

Capabilities of Computer System

There are many factors to describe its capabilities:



Speed is one of the important characteristics of the computer system. Computers are much faster than humans. It solves the mathematical problem in a millisecond. Humans can do the calculation taking some time, but in the case of a computer, it can do within milliseconds or nanoseconds. The speed of the computer is very higher than humans.


In the case of accurate results, the computer can do both perfectly like speed and providing accurate results. But it is related to the program which is given by humans, if the program is accurate then the computer provides the result accurately without any error.


If the program given to the computer is accurate, it means that all the output or result is accurate and also reliable as it’s for providing consistent results. The computer performs an automation process, if the algorithm is properly set in the computer then it gives us the result accurate and reliable.


Computers are usually consistent, which means they provide us a result consistently. It performs the last number of processes without any errors. which means it provides us with the same result in milliseconds.


Versatility refers to the capability of a computer to perform more than one task at the same time which is known as versatility. The computer has the ability to perform different types of work and versatility can be used to make payroll bills, invoices, etc.


Computers can perform the Trillian of calculation with the same accurate result and consistency. The computer doesn’t get tired when it is time to do a trillion of calculations or tasks, It completes all the tasks without taking any time. The routine of a computer only is to perform tasks.


In computers, there are two types of memory Primary and Secondary memory.

The primary memory e.g. RAM already built in a memory that is used to read/write the data. Examples of primary memory are RAM, ROM, PROM, EPROM, Registers, etc.

And, the Secondary memory e.g. ROM where all the data are stored in a system permanently, is a removable device from which we can easily remove the memory.

Examples of secondary memory are Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, USB, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the 10 limitations of computer systems?

10 limitations of computer systems are:

Computers are programmed by Humans,
Computers are dependent on humans,
No Emotions and No Feelings,
Lack of Decision Making,
Dependency on power/electricity,
Not able to express ideas.

What are the capabilities of computer systems?

Capabilities of computer systems are:


Is the computer an AI?

No, the computer is not an AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is just a machine that is made up of some hardware and is not able to learn and express ideas.

Is the computer an intelligent device?

Well no, because it’s totally a dumb machine that is totally programmed and operated by a human being. Computers are just a machine which is much faster than humans and also accurate, but it accurate when human provides the right instructions to the computer not wrong.

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