What is a computer? How is it a useful device?


In this article, we are going to discuss what a is computer and how is it a useful device.

In today’s time, the computer has become a very important part of our life. As you know most of the work is done with the help of computers. Mostly works like doing complicated calculations, writing articles, managing important data, sending letters or emails to another person, most importantly we can work together online with anyone at the same time, etc. and many other types of work can be done with the help of the computer.

So, now let’s discuss what is a computer:


“A computer is an electronic device which performs three basic tasks inputting, processing and outputting which is known as computer”.

A computer is a machine that helps us store data, calculate difficult tasks, find and arrange information, and many other things.

This is the most powerful and versatile machine created by humans. The first computer was invented by “Charles Babbage” (1830), who is also known as the father of computers. The name of the first computer created by Charles Babbage is “analytical engine”.

The word “COMPUTER” comes from the Latin word “compute” which means to calculate or translate things.

Nowadays, Computers play a major role in almost every aspect of life and influence our lives. So, let’s see how it is useful for us:


Computers play a vital role in our every field of life. It is useful in many ways like:

  • BANK
  • For entertainment

And, many other fields.

Now, I am going to tell you one by one how the computer is useful in all these fields.


Computer plays a very important role in the medical and health sector. In this sector, it is very important to maintain all the records of the patients, their history, diagnosis, X-ray, and many other types of data, etc.

If talk about the other works of computers in hospitals To maintain the inventories(like equipment, machines, etc.), To do some research and studies for patient-related problems, It is used to control medical equipment like(blood tests, MRI, CT scans, X-rays, ultrasound, etc) and it is also used to maintain the billing services.

Without computers, it would be hard to run hospitals. Because mostly work can be done through the computers.


The computer also plays an important role in the education sector because this is the most valuable resource in the classroom to provide more functionality for students so that they can learn new things and improve themselves to get some useful information related to their studies.

In schools, Computers are used in school to do a lot of work like in the reception all the students’ data are managed with the help of a computer, In the principal room (it is used to take the information about what happening in our country), most importantly it is used in the computers lab to provide some practical learning related to the subject for students, and also providing the smart classes for students to provide a better learning experience.


In this sector, computers are used to perform various tasks like it is used to manage the stocks/inventory, maintaining the cashier, obtaining some ideas about designing the product, and managers can provide some information about the product(how to make it) to their employees through video call. These are the basic things which are most important to make this sector work easily with the help of computers.


It is impossible to run a bank without a computer because more than half of the bank’s work is done by the computer itself, such as a computer is used to maintain the account for the customers, maintain the ledger account, monitor all the customers’ transactions so that no transaction goes wrong, and keeping all the customer details securely, etc.

And, as you know when we need the money in cash that time we will go to the ATM machine to withdraw our money with the help of our ATM card. The ATM machine is also part of the computer which helps us to make our cash transactions securely.

As you have just seen most of the work is done with the help of the computer. This is why the bank is nothing without a computer.


Nowadays, computers are playing an important role in business. The main objective of the business is to maintain the balance sheet, ledger, inventories, budgets, employee database, payroll calculations, etc., and so on.

In the business, there are some other works like, doing the high amount of transactions between the suppliers and customers, checking the employee’s working conditions (is it good or not) and most importantly we can watch all the details about our entire businesses, like how much we got the profit or loss in this financial year, monitoring all the assets or machines of business, etc.

So, these are the things which you have seen that the most work can be done with the help of computers, that means you can also say that computer technology is the backbone of all businesses. without a computer, it would be difficult to manage all of the things.


You must know that the computer is necessary for every office worker like preparing documents (MS Excel, MS Word, etc.), writing some letters, Mailing, scheduling meetings, connecting with the Boss and helping other members, etc. and many other works. So, These are the basic works of office which can be done easily through the computer.

7. Entertainment

With the help of computers, we can do many things so that we can be entertained such as watching movies, listening to songs, playing video games, web searching, chatting with friends connecting with video calls, etc., and many other things. If we still getting bored, then we can do other entertaining things from the computer itself and it also reduces our stress when we have interesting things to do with the computer.


Computers are also playing an important role in this sector. It is used to record the statistical data of all players, watch and store the video, manage the sheet of no. of players, and also to ‘track to check the scores’, etc.

As there is a great need for videos in sports because there are many audiences who want to watch the matches on the TV screen so the computer is used to broadcast the matches on the TV screen and the players also want to watch other players playing styles from different angles to learn them through videos.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

What is the computer?

This is an electronic device that performs the three basic tasks inputting, processing, and outputting. These three things justify the definition of a computer.

How computer is useful for us?

As such, there are many uses for computers:

It is used for entertainment.
It is used for learning something new.
It is used for studies.
It is used for doing some research to develop our new skills.

How many sectors in which the computer is important?

There is no limit to the sector because almost all the sector needs computers to make their work easier.

Here are some popular sectors are:-


and many other sectors.

In which sector are computers used the most?

All the sectors are used the most but in the case of the specific sector then the BANKING and BUSINESS sectors are used the most.


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