Discuss The Applications Of Computer System?


Hey guys, In today blog we will discuss the applications of computer system

In today’s era, computers are completely spread all over the world. Where the computers play a vital role in our daily life, like we are using computers for various purposes like learning new things, browsing, gaming, watching movies and editing, etc and much more.

Now, today’s time computer is everywhere where the computer plays an important role in
various fields.

Some Major Applications Of Computer are:



All over the world, Today almost every hospital is computerized and they are using all the benefits of computers like it is used to check patient information, monitoring, control diagnostic system, X-ray, etc., and many more. In a hospital, HIS (hospital information system) allows managing the financial, administrative, and clinical aspects of a hospital.

It also allows easy access to patient data from a centralized database which helps the doctor in retrieving the history of all the patients and help to maintain all the records of patients
and related to medicine.


It is impossible to run a bank without a computer because most of the work in the bank is done on the computer. Now, every bank is now using computers because it is fast and user friendly which helps the banks to maintain bank balance, accounts of customer, checking the transactions, etc.

Nowadays we can easily do online banking to transfer money, pay the money, receiving the money, etc. due to the help of computers.


There are many uses of computer in schools and colleges. According to teachers, they are using a computer to prepare the question paper for students, assignments, notes, etc., and, For According to students, they need a computer to take a practical experience of study like they watch video tutorial related to their subject in the form of animation. And, also teacher provide a computer for teaching some application like MS Word, MS Excel, Spreadsheet, etc these all things are important for students.

Computers are also used in the main counter of school and college to maintain all the records of students.


Computers are widely used for educational research. Educational research means gathering all the information related to educational purposes is known as Educational Research.

This means that the teacher may have to examine student performance data in new and revealing ways e.g. With the help of the internet teachers and the students can collect/grab the information related to their needs like students can easily get the solution and new knowledge for their projects, for assignments, etc and for the teacher can easily get a new and unique idea to teach the student so that the students understand very well.


Computers are also used in sports like It is used to maintain player records, track scores, create, virtual playing field, etc. The sports equipment industry also relies heavily on computer-aided design (CAD). In sports, computers are used in conjunction with video cameras because they need to record all the motions of the sportspersons.


Computer and the internet are the main sources of entertainment. This is one of the main forms of entertainment in modern society. In which it used to watch movies, playing games, listening to songs, online chatting, etc., and for many other entertainment purposes.


Communication is one of the most important things to send our messages to anyone or anywhere in the world. Basically, communication means to convey our message from one place to another is known as “Communication”. In today’s time, there are many communication platforms like E-mail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Google meet, etc. and many other platforms.


Computers are played the important role in the military because it is the main tool to providing the structure or design of the rocket, missile and other defences. In the military, the computer is used to analyze the intelligence, blueprint of weapons, communication between various parties within the military and providing the location of opponent soldiers.


The agriculture sector is also getting benefited from the computer. A computer allows the farmers to collect adequate information related to price, latest farming techniques, cultivation of crops, weather conditions, farms machines, etc. Which enhances the decision-making capability of the farmers.


Computer is the essential tool of business because mostly work is done by the computer, without computer it is nothing. In the business they need the powerful computer software to save their all the important transaction for the futures.

Now, the computer is used to record their all transaction, Keep their balance sheet, check the employee’s works, do Sales analysis, Budgeting, checking all the assets in business, etc.


In the Government sector, Computers are playing an important role in govt. services like it are used to processing or maintaining the budget, tax, etc and one of the most important uses of computers in a government organization is to manage the army, navy, air force.


In the industry, the computer is used to manage the stock/inventory, maintain the cashiers, used to take the idea of designing the product, used to provide information of their product(how to make) to their employees. These are the basic things which are most important to make their work easy with the help of computers.

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