Computer Network Terminology

What is Network Terminology?

Network Terminology is a description of how the devices can communicate with the network. In short, how the devices can send and receives information over the network is known as “Network Terminology”

There are many terminologies are there where it helps to provide a connection between devices to the network:

Network Terminologies:


LAN is a local area network that is used within less than a half kilometer of an area, for example, small offices, homes, schools, Laboratories, etc. In short, A network that is used in short distances or in a limited area is known as “LAN”


MAN is a Metropolitan area network, This network is larger than the LAN network where it is used in a single large city and is known as “MAN”. Examples: small & large cities, Industries, etc.


WAN is a wide area network where it is used within a geographical area of a network like one country to other countries etc. It is known as “WAN”


Ethernet is a traditional technology for connecting devices in a Local and Wide Area Network. It helps the devices to communicate with each other via transmitting and receiving data through cables.


A node is a physical connectivity over the network in which it send and receives the data from one node to another node is known as “Node”


It is a connection of two or more computer for the purpose of sharing the data’s with each other is known as “Network”


It is the measurement of data speed which can be transmitted at a single point of time. we all known this word with internet connection, If we talked about the internet bandwidth that means it describe the speed of the internet connection which can be transmitted into our devices e.g Phones, laptop etc.


Ping is a Packet InterNet Groper, it is one of the most important tool for checking the connectivity between two devices these two devices may be a server, router switch or a computer. In short we can say it helps to check the reachability or a connectivity of your devices with a network let say internet, e.g when you use internet in your devices the connection between the internet and your device is checked via ping tool. Well you can check your ping here:


Packet is a container of data where it send over the network is known as “Packet”.


It is one of the largest network all over the world. It helps to connect the millions of devices to the network together globally. It is known as “Internet”


MegaByte is a unit byte which is used for measuring the data of storage like Hard Disk, Memory, SSD, etc. And 1 Megabyte = 1024 kb and if we convert it to byte then it is = 1048576 byte.


Megabit is a multiple of unit bit which is used to measuring the data of internet connection. And 1 MegaBit = 1000000 bits.


It is the smallest unit that represents it a binary digit which are operated upon as a unit. It is a measurement of data that contains 8 bits(1 Byte=8Bits)


Bit stands for binary digit and it is also a smallest unit of measurement on a computer data. It contains two binary values 0 & 1.

Network Topology

It’s define the structure of arrangement of network and the connection made with the combination of links and nodes. It is known as “Network Topology”.

There are two types of network topology: 1) Physical Topology and 2) Logical Topology. In Physical Topology there is a types i) Bus Topology, ii) Ring Topology, iii) Star Topology, iv) Tree Topology, v) Mesh Topology and vi) Hybrid Topology. In Logical Topology there is a types: i) Broadcast Topology, ii) Token Pass Topology.

  • Network topology
    • Physical Topology
      • Bus Topology
      • Ring Topology
      • Star Topology
      • Tree Topology
      • Mesh Topology
      • Hybrid Topology
    • Logical Topology
      • Broadcast Topology
      • Token pass Topology

MAC Address

MAC Address is a “media access control address”. It is a physical address which is used for identifying the devices, Let say you have a mobile when your mobile are connected with the network then the Macc Address assigned a new address of your mobile, with the help of a assigned address it is easy to find a device. The address is known as “Mac Address”.

Here is the example of mac address = “00:00:5e:00:57:af

IP Address

IP is a “Internet Protocol address”. It is a logical address protocol where it is used for identifying the connection of a device is known as “IP Address”.

Here is a example of IP address = “”


Nic is a “Network Inteface Card”, it is a hardware device which is inbuilt in our device. This device enable the communication with the network is known as “NIC”.


Protocol is a set of rules where it defines the transmission of data to devices over the network is known as “Protocol”.


TCP is a “Transmission control Protocol” or “Internet Protocol”, it is a connection-oriented protocol in in which it is used for controlling the connection for stable connection. TCP receives the data from the network and convert it to different packets and distribute with switches, router etc.

In simple word a TCP is the main controller of the data which are travelling within the network is known as “TCP”.

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