What is Computer Network and Explain its Types

Computer Network

Basically, a Computer Network is a group of Computers Where all are connected with each other for the purpose of sharing information or resources to communicate with each other, it is known as a “Computer Network”. The process where all the resources of computers can share with each other it can be done with the help of “Network Node” in the computer network.

Well, there are many such examples are there in which we keep using networks in our daily life. so let’s see:

  • Sending Mail to anyone
  • Sending messages via social media services like (Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, etc)
  • watching television
  • Printer, Computer can share its resources with the printer for the purpose of print.
  • Audio & Video Calling

Etc. and many others, in simple words by sitting at home you can contact/communicate with your friends and family members & share your information or resources with them via call, SMS, or any other source of medium is basically called a “network”.

Well, there is no such difference between a network and computer networks. Computer Network is the interconnection of the various computers where they communicate with each other, And in the network, it can communicate with any electronic device to other electronic devices.

Types of Computer Networks:

Basically, there are mainly three types of networks are there, which are designed to communicate with any network and operate over a geographical area. Three types are:

  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)

Well, these are the major types of computer networks but also there are many other computer networks are there:

  • PAN (Personal Area Network)
  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
  • CAN (Campus Area Network)
  • EPN (Enterprise Private Network)
  • GAN (Global Area Network)
  • BBN (BackBone Network)
  • SAN (Storage Area Network)
  • SAN (System Area Network)
  • PON (Passive Optical Network)
  • HAN (Home Area Network)
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

So let’s know about these computer networks in detail.

1) LAN

LAN is a “Local Area Network” which is established within local areas it is mainly used in our homes, schools, hospitals, Small Offices, buildings, etc. In simple words, we can say that it is used in a small area or within a half kilometer of an area where all the computers and other peripherals are connected with each other via cables and shares resources with each other.

Ethernet Cables, Routers, Twisted Cable & Coax cables can be used in a LAN to connect the computers with the network.

Types of LAN:

  • Wired LAN
  • Wireless LAN

2) MAN

MAN stands for “Metropolitan Area Network”. It is established over more than two LAN networks or we can say that it can be used in a large area. This network is used within small & large Cities, Towns, larges offices, Industries, etc.

In MAN Network fiber optic cable can be used to form the connection between two or more LAN networks.

Types of MAN Network:

  • FDDI (fiber distributed data interface)
  • ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) 
  • SMDS (switched multi-megabit data service)

3) WAN

WAN is a “Wide Area Network” where it helps to connect the computer over the geographical area of the network and in simple words, we can say that it is a collection of LAN & MAN networks. “Internet” is one of the biggest examples of a WAN Network.

Wireless networks, Cellular networks, satellites, Tower are used in the WAN to connect with the network.

Types of WAN:

  • Switch WAN
  • Point to Point WAN

4) PAN

PAN stands for “Personal Area Network”. It is a most basic computer network which is used in a single room and by a single person, which means that this network can be in the range of 20 to 30 feet long. the network in PAN can in both wired or wireless. e.g: when you open the hotspot of your mobile to provide internet to another device it is known as a “Personal Area Network”.

Examples: Bluetooth, Smartphones, Earphones & Headphones, Keyboard, Mic, Cameras, etc.

Types of PAN:

  • Wired PAN
  • Wireless PAN


WLAN is a “Wireless Local Area Network”. This network is a LAN network but in this network, the connectivity of the group of computer is done wirelessly which mean no wired connections. In simple words, in this network, the sharing of resources can be done wirelessly in a local area network.

Examples are Wifi, Bluetooth, mobile hotspot, etc.

5) CAN

CAN is a “Campus Area Network” & it is also known as “Corporate Area Network. This network is a interconnection of computer network within a campus like areas e.g Schools, College Campus etc. This type of network is a larger than LAN network but it is smaller than MAN.

6) SAN

It is a “Storage Area Network” it is a dedicated, specialized and high speed network which connects the group of storage device to several servers. This network provides the access to the block-level data storage and this network is not depending on LAN or MAN networks its creates their own network to communicate each other.

Types of SAN Network:

  • FCP (Fibre Channel Protocol)
  • FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet)
  • ISCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface)
  • FCoIP (Fibre Channel over IP)
  • FC-NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fibre Channel)

7) SAN

This SAN is a “System Area Network” Which is used to make the high speed connection between the server to server applications and processor to processor. This network is a LAN type network in which it handles the large amount of data in a large request. This type of network is used to require high network performance

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 uses system area network for getting high-performance connectivity through with the help of VIA (Virtual Interface Adapter).

8) BBN

BBA is a “BackBone Network” It is the core part of computer network in which it allow multiple LAN network to connect and communicate with each other. In backbone network not a single station is connected with the backbone network, but the station are a part of LAN network where backbone helps to connects those networks with LAN.

9) PON

POLAN is a “Passive Optical Network” It is a telecommunication network which replaces the traditional structured cabling. It uses the optical fibre cable to communicate with the netork.

10) EPN

EPN is an “Enterprise Private Network” This network are mostly used in businesses for securing their network connections to overcome the hack attacks on it.

11) GAN

GAN stands for “Global Area Network” It is used to communicate with the networks globally, it connect the network that cover a unlimited geographical area. Well this networks is a WAN network but in this network it uses the mobile communication connection over the world.

12) HAN

HAN is an “Home Area Network”. This network is basically similar to LAN network, in this network we uses many pheriperal, electronic devices to communicate with the networks like at home we use the wifi via router, we uses computer system where all pheripheral devices are connected to each other with the wired connection & we use our mobile phone with the internet connection( which is a part of WAN network)

13) VPN

VPN is a “Virtual Private Network” which is used to establish the protected connections from the public network. Because in public network there are some hackers and scammers whose takes our data by entering in our network via finding our private IP. Thats the reason this is very useful for our important data.

Basically, the VPNs provide us with a new network with a new IP where no one finds you where you are.

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