What is HTML and its Importance?

HTML is a Hyper-Text Markup Language that is used for developing web pages on the internet and In short we can say that It is the language of the World Wide Web. In HTML the “HyperText” refers to defines the meaning and structure of a web page, and the”Markup Language” refers to the HTML tags which are used to define the page layout and element of a web page.

All over the internet, there are too many websites are available which is made up with the help of HTML. When you find something on the internet by searching on the browser that time you see there are too many results is there, they all results are combined in the form of a website which is built with an HTML language and even right now you reading this blog is also a part of HTML file.

Importance of HTML

HTML is the backbone of web pages or sites. let assume your body has no bones then what will you do, how you can do your work? If your body has no bones then you are nothing, you can’t do anything. That’s how HTML is Important to web pages or sites. Without HTML web pages or sites can’t be created, if there are no websites that mean no web browser, and no web applications. That’s the importance of HTML.

Here are the basic points for understanding the importance of HTML:

  • HTML is used for creating a web page and designing a web page.
  • It also helps to view the web pages in the browser. This is because due to HTML, the web page content was received by the web browser in the form of an HTML file.
  • With the help of HTML elements and tags we can write a blog in a proper manner by using <h1>, <p>, <br>, <div> tags,s, etc., and also embed images, video, CSS, javascript, etc in it.

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