What is the History of Html?

History of HTML:

As we know that HTML is one of the best and most important languages for creating web pages. So now we are going to discuss the history of HTML in our today’s blog…

When HTML was Invented?

1980 was the year when a great computer scientist “Sir Tim Berner Lee” discovered a new language “HTML” in Geneva. In 1989 he invented WWW(World Wide Web) and In 1991 he invented HTML 1.0, But it is not officially released. It was officially released to the public in 1993 with the name HTML 2.0.

Who is Berner Lee?

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The full name of Berner lee is “Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee” and is also known as TimBL but we all know him by the name of “Father of HTML”. He was born on 8 June 1995 and he died on 1 February 2019 at the age of 97. He was a physicist at the CERN research institute in Switzerland and invented HTML in 1991.

Versions of HTML

There are some versions of HTML are:

  • HTML 1.0
  • HTML 2.0
  • HTML 3.0
  • HTML 3.2
  • HTML 4.01
  • HTML 5

HTML 1.0

Html 1.0 is the basic version of HTML that supports text controls and images like things. It is created to make a basic readable web page that helps to share information online via browser. In this version of HTML, there are around 20 tags and elements. This version was released in 1993 and it is also known as the name of SGML(Standard Generalized Markup Language)

HTML 1.0 is not that much useful for those days because at that time people were not involved with the internet, which means only a few percent of people use these types of things, and also it does not have the support core That’s why this version is not popular at that time.

HTML 2.0

This Version comes with a major upgrade from HTML 1.0. It was published in 1995 and the name HTML 2.0 was given by IETEF(Internet Engineering Task Force) HTML 2.0 comes with some new features but the highlighting feature of this version is “Image Tag”. In HTML 2.0 it has some support core.

Yes, it is a major upgrade from the previous one but still, it needs some improvement.

HTML 3.0

By this time of HTML and the Internet had left their mark and both are becoming popular. At that time more n more people wanted to join the internet. So People are going to the internet and trying to surf websites Due to this it makes the excessive use of HTML where HTML sites are going to be slow down which makes some errors in HTML. That’s why this version was never published.

HTML 3.2

HTML 3.2 was released in 1997. This version is the proper upgrade of HTML 3.0, it comes with new features like superscripts, subscripts, tables, etc. This version makes it easier for developers for creating web pages. In this version, the support of CSS has been included. With the help of CSS, web pages became so beautiful that more and more users were coming to the site.

The browser was getting slow due to heavy traffic on the web pages, causing some complications in the HTML code.

HTML 4.01

This version was a successful version of HTML which is widely used by programmers. It was released in 1999, it comes with new features like Style-Sheet, Embedding, frames, tables, etc, and many others. In this version, the web browser can easily understand and handle the code of the HTML.


HTML 5 is the extended version of HTML 4.01 which was published in 2012. This is the best version till now because it almost supports all kinds of tags for audio & video, .header, .footers, canvas, etc.

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