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A computer is an electronic device that performs various instructions and programs in a specified manner. It is used for doing some calculations and taking some information.

In today’s era, computers are completely spread all over the world. Computers play a vital role in our daily lives, we use computers for various purposes e.g. learning new things, browsing, gaming, watching movies, etc and much more. It is also used in many fields like HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, INDUSTRIES, BANKS, BUSINESSES, and many other fields.

So, Let me tell you the process:-


In computers, there are some major components that play a vital role of working the process of a computer:

  1. INPUT
  5. ALU (Arithmetic and logical unit)
  6. CU (Control Unit)
  7. CPU(Central Processing Unit)


This is the process of entering data and programs into the computer, In which the computer is an electronic device that takes up input raw data and performs some processes it is given out as processed data and the input takes up the information from the user to the computer for processing.

All the data and programs are entered into the computer with the help of some input devices like a keyboard, disks, mouse, joystick, and much more, etc.


This is the process of producing the results from the data to get useful information. The main work of output devices is to display the data that we entered something in an input device like a keyboard, If we enter some keys in the keyboard then it gives us a result to display on the screen (monitor), where it sends information to other computers. They also display messages about what errors may have occurred.

Name of some popular devices like Monitor, printer, speaker, etc., and much more.


It is the process of storing all the programs and data in the computer system, it is known as storage. This is a mechanism that retains all the data permanently in our computer system.

In storage, there are two types of memory 1. Primary memory(Which is volatile in nature) 2. Secondary memory(which is Non-Volatile in nature). Primary memory includes RAM (Random Access Memory), Its work is to process all the data of the computer system. Secondary memory includes HDD or SSD, These are the devices where it is storing all the data in the computer system permanently.


The task of performing operations like arithmetic and logical operations is called processing. The word processing is performed by the CPU(Central Processing Unit), which is also known as the Brain of the computer. The CPU takes instructions and data from the storage unit and makes all sorts of calculations based on the instructions given and the type of data provided. The RAM (Random Access Memory) temporarily stores information in the CPU.

5. ALU(Arithmetic and logic unit)

An ALU is a combinational digit circuit that performs arithmetic and logic operations. It is a vital component of the CPU(central processing unit), Which carries the actual execution of the program and instructions. After entering the data through the input device it is stored in the primary memory of the storage unit. Some of the major operations performed by the ALU are addition, subtraction, Division, Multiplication & logic operations, etc. Transferred the data to ALU from a storage unit when it is required.

6. CU(Control Unit)

A Control Unit is the part of the CPU, That acts like the supervisor seeing that things are done in a proper fashion. It determines the sequences in which computer programs and instructions are executed. It directs the operation of the other units by providing timing and control signals. It also acts like a switchboard operator when several users access the computer simultaneously.

7. CPU(Central Processing Unit)

The ALU and the CU of a computer system are jointly known as the “Central Processing unit”.This is the most important component of a computer system. The term CPU relates to a specific chip or processor which controls the computer. The CPU may be considered the brain of the computer. It takes all major decisions to make all sorts of calculations and operations.

The fundamental operation of the CPU is to execute a series of instructions called a program. And, CPU is placed in the socket of the motherboard.

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